Reading room
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Access to catalogs
All of the data is accounted for in the libraries general catalog, this includes books, manuscripts, periodical publications and images. In addition you have at your disposal the data corresponding to the correspondence of Victor Balaguer, Joan Oliva and Manuel Creus and the antic collection.

Consulting the documents
In order to consult the libraries funds the consultant has at there disposal the catalog were the information needed to fill out the white card is found. Ounce finished with the card the consultant must give the card to the library personnel, who will search for the documents and later give the original documents to the consultant, it is important to note that some of the documents are only accessible through microfilm or have been digitalized for conservation purposes. For the comfort of the consultant the library gives him or her the option of calling in ahead of time with the information about the books or documents he or she needs and upon arrival the books or documents will all be in the reading room at his or her disposal.

Information and references
This service aids the consultant in his or her search. It allows him or her to communicate with library personnel in three different ways:

On the spot information
It is possible to receive information in the library itself. If help is needed with the catalog a member of our staff will gladly help you with the catalog.

Information through the telephone
More specific and sporadic consults are usually attended on the phone. For more complex consults it is better to use either e-mail or send a letter.

Information through e-mail or regular mail
In the case that the consulted is unable to displace him or herself to the library the librarians will elaborate a bibliographic search and send it to the consultant. In necessary cases the librarians will send reproductions of the documents needed.

Reproduction of documents 
The documents consulted may be reproduced by different means, depending on the day of publication, the state of the document and the dimensions. Names may be photocopied, documents in good state published after 1930, the rest of the documents are digitalized. In the reading room you will find the different prices for the reproduction of documents as well as the pink card needed to request the reproductions. In the case that a reproduction is needed for the use of the consultants own publication he or she has to request permission in writing to obtain the corresponding rights.