We love Biblioteca Museu Víctor Balaguer

With the intention of expanding the Library Museum Víctor Balaguer in all of its ranges of actions: investigation, documentation, conservation, acquisitions, education, communication and diffusion, and in order to provide it with better infrastructures we present this sponsoring program.

This program is aimed at people, companies and institutions who may wish to actively participate in this project with the intention of channeling properly the help recieved and to make it possible for Library Museum Víctor Balaguer to achieve the ideal excellence level for a prestigious institution.

Help received will go to the following programs:
1. Recovery of local authors
2. Exhibitions of renown Catalan artists who's work can be found in the museum
3. Research and documentation
4. Communication and diffusion
5. Recovering the original image and splendour of the museum
6. Recreational and pedagogical action
7. Acquisition and restoration of works of art
8. Application of new technologies

Objectives of the program
· Look after our cultural heritage, learn about it and disseminate it
· Create and strengthen an image of modernity and proximity
· Improve the physical and emotional accessibility to the cultural heritage
· Become a cultural, economic and touristic driving force in the Garraf area
· Promoting reserach and knowledge
· Promote the institution as well as its collections so they attract the maximum amount of public possible
· Explain and introduce the citizens to the cultural heritage trough educational and recreational activities for eveyone
· Tourism dinamization
· Search for ways of self financing

Levels of collaboration
· Annual contribution to one program or line of action
· Specific contribution for carrying out of a project, activity or exhibition
· Donations or deposits of works of art or documental funds
· Deposits of works of art for a certain period of time, with an agreement on the security and the preserving of the piecemeans of conserving and securing the piece and with an economic loan depending on the piece and an economic agreement according to the piece and the lenght of its stay in the museum.

Categories of collaboration
If you are interested in helping the Library Museum Víctor Balaguer there are different ways of collaboration, each category corresponds to your desired level of contribution:
1. Sponsorship
2. Collaboration
3. Donations
4. Specific sponsorship
5. Specific collaboration

1. Fiscal advantages
2. Public recognition of your collaboration
3. Information about the sponoring to the media
4. Compensation through images and communication
5. Free admission to the museum and its temporary exhibitions
6. Discounts in the publications
7. Lending rooms for business related events
8. Special visits